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Payments policy & Conditions

Payment Terms


  • Payments for courses can either be done per course or per lesson according to the agreements made with the instructor and administration. Books and notes are not included in the fees.
  • In case of registering per course, payments are done in TWO installments during the duration of the course.
  • In case of registering per lesson, payments are done every FOUR lessons in advance.
  • Refund of payments done by lesson will not be allowed once the student has attended the lesson.
  • If a student wishes to discontinue a paid course, the number of lessons attended will be deducted from the total amount paid.
  • To be allowed to enter a class or obtain a video recording of a lesson, students have to be officially enrolled through payment.
  • For your safety during the current pandemic, JTA offers payment solutions that suits everyone. Please contact the center’s accountant for more information.
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